Veterinary Medical Neurology

Hey all,

For my first post I just intend to start a theme of discussion concerning all things veterinary medicine. I hope any veterinarians or pet owners interested in veterinary medicine take the time to comment and share their knowledge on any desired topics relating to veterinary medicine. I am starting Vet School in August, and look forward to developing a knowledge network where information relating to veterinary medicine can be discussed freely on the web.

My first question involves animal neurology: I am looking into a specialization in neurology upon obtaining my DVM, and I am curious as to any experience anyone might have with animal neurology, and what special knowledge they might have obtained regarding this topic. Feel free to post anything!

2 thoughts on “Veterinary Medical Neurology

  1. vetintrainin

    Hello, I also dream of becoming a veterinarian, although I am too young at the moment. I research the functions of animal organs/animals in general. I think we could learn a lot from each other. Please contact me if you want to share information. Thank you for your time.

  2. Robert

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